The City of DeBary, Florida

The City of DeBary, Florida is looking to attract a new generation of residents, retailers, and developers with detailed plans to build a new, multi-purpose community at the city’s center.

The problem is that DeBary’s brand is that of a sleepy Florida town surrounded by nature and not of the booming, metropolitan hub they plan to be. To start the rebranding, the City of DeBary asked for a new logo and city tagline that looked to the future while staying true to its roots.


Creative Director – Consultant


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Like all new branding initiatives, the project started with a lot of questions and answers that led to several new logo design directions.

Not only were the city’s elected officials happy with the services provided, they went so far as to have their architects and city planners change elements of the proposed environmental designs to incorporate elements from the new logo into the surroundings, including branded lighting, a centrally-located mosaic tile work, and waves rather than white lines in the crosswalks. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see this project come to life.

We’re so happy we chose to work with Noah. I expected to have to work with the responding creatives, and the one we ultimately would select, to better “get our vision.” But just on the initial response, Noah hit it out of the park and understood our marketing goals. As we needed approval and input from an elected council, we anticipated significant changes to design, but once again, the presentation was so close to Council’s vision, there was very little to change.

SHARI SIMMONS, City of DeBary, Florida